Here are some helpful sites that can give you answers to some of the additional questions you might have. Also some links to help you find products that we recommend for use with any puppy regardless of what breed they are or where they came from.

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Malagasy Coton de Tulear Preservation Club (MCPC)

The MCPC is the largest Coton registry in North America. As an ethical breeder and proud board member, I strive to use up-to-date scientific and genetic technology to help the small gene pool to stay as healthy as possible in order to preserve this rare breed for generations to come. We have a wonderfully informative website, as well as a Facebook page where people can share and learn more about this amazing breed.

Puppy Culture is a wonderful program which works from birth to help breeders give their babies a positive foundation to become resilient, well balanced, enrichment seeking, incredible dogs. As well as helping their Forever families to understand and communicate with them. As their logo states “The Proof is in the Puppies!” and it truly is.

They also have an excellent course which I have all of my families take that helps prepare you to welcome a fluffy little bundle into your home, as well as to understand your puppy if they were raised with PC or not and it is free! Just click on the above logo, then choose the Madcap University tab to access it.

I recomend Buddy Belts harnesses to all of my puppy families. They are wonderfully made, and don’t mat our Cotons hair. I love them so much that I became a distributor for them- please let me know if you would like more information. Click on the above logo to learn more.

Dave, Corrie and family over at EZ Pelletz have created the most amazing product; I call them magic pellets! Since I started using them in 2021 it’s been amazing to see how quickly my litters have been completely litter trained. I start to introduce them when the pups are 3-4 weeks old and by the the time they are 5-6 weeks old they are done- magic! Since they are an all natural material (just straw!) I don’t need to worry that my pups are being exposed to any chemicals or additives and I can throw the used litter right into my garden to help amend the soil. It’s also an incredible mulch I used it in my flower pots and beds and it cut my watering in half-magic! If you have horses you definitely need this product It makes amazing stall and trailer bedding that breaks down as they walk on it and is super absorbent so it’s easy to clean and you end up using way less than shavings. You know it would be great for any critters!

My Favourite Amazon Products.

I always provide my puppy families with a shopping list of items they will need for their new babies. I have been getting a lot more inquiries from people who want to get prepared before the puppies are born, or may have chosen to get a different breed of puppy but are still looking for that information, so I thought I would try to include some of those items here.

To be completely transparent I am also trying something new and as an Amazon Associate I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases.

The first item that I absolutely love for my puppies and dogs is Fortiflora Probiotics

Our Talented Friends

Kenzie Carr Art Makenzie is my oldest daughter and the incredible talent behind the portrait of Maple. She works in many different mediums and can even design your next tattoo-perhaps of your WishView Coton fur baby?!

Brodie is my second oldest daughter and also an amazing artist! She has a degree in digital art, loves to do concept art designs and also has her own window painting business in Vancouver, Canada.

Vladimir Kats is the amazing photographer who took pictures of Maui’s first litter for me. He can be reached here if you are needing to get some photos taken. He has documented his world travels with his camera, and his landscape photos are second to none!