When it was time for a new puppy to love, I asked a friend who is a dog trainer “what kind of small dog is the easiest to train?” Her answer with not even 2 seconds of thought was ‘A Coton de Tulear’!! I had never heard of the breed before, so quickly used google to find out all about them. I was referred to a breeder South of Calgary who told me she had a long waiting list and it would be a very long wait…but told me about Nancy at Wishview Cotons. I have never sent anyone a message so quickly!! Nancy was very prompt at answering my email. She asked me to fill out a questionnaire so she could see if we were suitable for one of her puppies (she still needed one more family for the litter that she had!! How lucky was that!!). I think I had it back to her within 1/2 an hour!! And also told her all the reasons why we would be the BEST puppy parents ever!! Were those puppies ever the cutest!!!  Nancy explained how she does things. She told us about all the health exams her dogs go through, etc, waiting until a certain age to do temperament testing of the puppies before matching each of them to their forever families, etc. She didn’t count on me FALLING IN LOVE with ‘Angel’!! And I told her over and over again why ‘Angel’ was the perfect puppy for us!! I actually lost sleep thinking that ‘Angel’ might not be the best fit for the way I had described us to Nancy. It was December of the first year of COVID…so there were no face to face meetings. It was hard!! Eventually the big day came when we found out that ‘Angel’ was to be ours!!! Whew!! I was SO excited…and Marten was starting to get caught up in my excitement over this precious little creature!!! We met her on facetime a couple of times, Nancy sent me pictures of her playing with her litter mates, cuddling with her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend. We had lots of videos and conversations about how she was doing with her enrichment! I learned all about Puppy Culture and how the puppies were being trained! What a perfect way to get puppies ready for their families!!! They learned a lot of manners, were completely trained to pee pads/ fake grass pads, they were desensitized to scary noises, they were kennel trained. All of this training made our job so much easier once we brought her home. I really recommend a breeder that uses this program!!! Finally the day came when we were able to pick up our puppy. Nancy was wonderful – filling us in on all we needed to know to get started. We have had puppies before but I’ve never felt as capable and ready to take on this wee little treasure!! Since that day Nancy has always been available for any advice that we’ve needed. I write to her all the time to brag about how smart this little girl is!! She’s not surprised by that!! LOL… Angel is now called Callie and she is the best little dog. She is SO smart!!! She is now just over 15 months old. She is still a bit skittish because she was a covid puppy and not able to get socialized the way we would have liked. Her only real socialization with other puppies was with 2 of her litter mates in Calgary. Even the puppy classes we went to had all of us so far apart she didn’t really get to socialize with the other dogs there. That was pretty frustrating for her! She is getting very adaptable now though and showing us every day how clever she is! What a little character!!  Callie has come with us for a 5 day drive to Mazatlan Mexico where she has discovered that she loves the beach! We don’t let her run free just because there are dangers and sometimes scary dogs on the beach but we have a 15 foot leash that gives her a lot of freedom. She loves meeting other dogs (although she has a healthy respect for the unknown). She likes to meet new people while one of us holds her so she can sniff them from a safe place…then she is fast friends with everyone!  Callie did awesome in the vehicle and found many new smells and sounds in the hotels on the way! She has taken all the new adventures in stride. Her next adventure is to fly home to Calgary(4+hrs), help us pack up the only home she has known, move into my daughter’s house temporarily and maybe the motorhome for a bit of the time while we renovate our new home!! Then we fly back to Mazatlan only to turn around after a week or so and make the 5 day drive back to Calgary!! If she wasn’t flexible to begin with, she sure will be by the time we get settled again!!! I highly recommend Nancy at Wishview Cotons!! Call me anytime, Nancy has my number, and I will tell you how wonderful she is and how blessed we are to have our girl!!!

Pat and Marten

I have a lovable female puppy from Wishview Cotons and I have been very impressed with how well Nancy socializes her puppies. She is thorough, conscientious and kind (with both the puppies and their new owners!) Once I knew that I was getting one of her puppies, she was excellent at keeping me in the loop, offering advice and directing me to helpful resources. I love my puppy so much that I hope to get another one from Nancy soon!


We have had an excellent experience with Wishview Cotons! Nancy is always very responsive to our questions and is well informed. We appreciate her efforts in matching her puppies up to the best homes. There is nothing we would change about our girl Poppy. We liked the take-home Puppy pack that we received that had all the information we needed and items to help Miss Poppy adjust to her new home. I would highly recommend reaching out to Nancy if you are interested in a Coton!

Wishview Cotons are excellent and responsible Coton breeders, and we consider ourselves very fortunate to have found them and to have acquired our beautiful Coton male, Pippin, from them. From our first contact with Nancy when Pippin was only a few weeks old and right through to the day we picked him up, Nancy was very helpful and kept us informed every step of the way. Nancy and her family are nurturing and caring, and go the extra mile in preparing the puppies for their ‘forever homes’. From our first day with Pippin in our home, he was a happy, calm, and sociable puppy, which most certainly was due to the initial socializing and training Nancy does with her pups. To this day, we give Nancy a lot of credit for the happy, calm and sociable adult Pippin has become! After we brought Pippin home, Nancy was always available if we had any follow-up questions, and she continues to keep in touch, which shows how much she cares. We wholeheartedly recommend Wishview Cotons.

Ian & Solange

Clancey is the bounciest, cuddliest, most affectionate dog I have had.
She is very clever and came to me so well prepared by Nancy for a new life. She had a good cry when she left her happy home. Then she settled into her new adventure. It was amazing.
She adores all people and other animals and adores little children. I feel so blessed to have this sweet little nugget in my life. Ever grateful for Nancy’s work with her.  The love she gives each puppy ensures that they have confidence and are so prepared for their forever homes.


In the summer of 2020 my search for a Coton de Tulear led me to Nancy Carr and Wishview Cotons.  As a first time dog owner I had many questions.  From my first email with Nancy I felt comfortable and supported.  Nancy’s easy and informative manner made her a perfect guide to bringing a puppy into our home.  
Nancy is dedicated to preserving the breed and giving her puppies the best start in life.  As an advocate of the PUPPY CULTURE principles Wishview Cotons raises smart, healthy, well adjusted puppies.  Throughout the process from pregnancy to birth and the first 10 weeks of life Nancy keeps her future families in the loop.  At approximately 8 weeks of age Nancy thoughtfully matches each puppy with their future family.  When my dog Quincy and I were matched I was delighted.    At 10 weeks of age Nancy flew Quincy  to my home in BC.    It was an easy adjustment for us as Quincy arrived both crate trained and pee pad trained.  At 10 weeks of age Quincy had also already mastered a few basic commands.   In the last year and a half Nancy has remained available to answer questions or give advice on caring for a Coton.      
We are delighted with our Wishview Coton puppy.  Quincy is smart, sweet natured, funny and adds joy to our home.  We can’t imagine life without him.   Thank you Nancy.

Victoria BC

Our experience with Wishview Cotons was excellent. My partner and I looked for a hypoallergenic dog that wouldn’t upset his asthma. We were recommended the Coton de Tulear breed and subsequently referred to Nancy’s company. We were so excited to pick up our crate-trained puppy, who was socialized with other dogs and cats. Our dog has since been incredibly friendly and happy to interact with new animals. Our puppy had no issues retaining Nancy’s crate training after bringing her home. Nancy was reliable throughout our training process, with helpful tips and guidance as we navigated being first-time puppy parents. We highly recommend her services and puppies!


I am pleased to recount my experience with Nancy Carr and Wishview Cottons, particularly since I’ve received the best pup in the world. Before contacting Wishview/Nancy I had been searching for a pup/breeder for over a year. I was referred to Nancy by a successful breeder who had chosen to retire her breeding program. It became clear from first contact that Nancy is personnally invested in the health and development of the Malagasy variety of the Coton de Tulear breed in general, and in little pups she breeds. One look at the sale agreement will tell you that she is concerned and guarded about the people who adopt her pups.  Along with the normal respectful care and feeding each pup gets you will find the following:
•Every pup get sensitivity reduction training to desensitize them to unexpected sound, handling during grooming and unfamiliar objects and people.
•Every pup gets crate training and socialisation with other dogs and cats
•Every pup has a confident and friendly attitude and is responsive to training.
I would unreservedly recommend Wishview Cotons for your purchase of a prime, healthy, well balanced Coton. You won’t be sorry.


We are very lucky to adopt S’Mochi.  Everyone who meets her cannot help but fall in love with her. She is such a loving, smart dog and was pretty much litter trained since we first brought her home. I think that this is all due to Nancy’s breeding program. From day 1 Nancy has been very supportive and even to this day I would text Nancy for help and she would always be available. I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in adopting a coton to reach out to Wishview Cotons!