On February 4th in the wee hours of the morning Maui brought her beautiful and healthy 2022 puppies into the world. She had four males and one female; all black and white or tri coloured. My Dad chose the theme for this litter and went with Classic Cars.

The first smallest male, Nova, was born at 1:21am weighing 181grams. Next she had a sweet female, Chevelle, at 1:50am who weighed 202grams, followed at 2:11am with another handsome male, El Camino, at 200grams. The next male was born at 2:32am, Monte Carlo, weighing 216grams. The final puppy was another male, Judge, he was born at 3:07am and was the largest at 221grams.

Maui’s puppies are all doing fantastic! They are growing and have been enjoying having all this room to spread their little legs. They have been standing at the milk bar, which they aren’t usually doing on day one! I may need to start thinking up some new and creative barrier challenges now because if this keeps up these little ones are going to be way ahead of any of our previous litters. 🤪

As I mentioned the other day, my Dad chose the theme for this litter-Classic Cars! So without further ado let me introduce you to Maui’s sweet 2022 litter. Nova, Chevelle, El Camino, Monte Carlo, and Judge. 

Maui’s sweet babes are one week old! They are doing great and growing like little weeds. We have started ENS and ESI with them and they have all been doing fantastic with it.

Zoe and I noticed something neat during our photo shoot- when in their birth order, the puppies markings line up with each other. From left to right we have Nova, Chevelle, El Camino, Monte Carlo and Judge.

5 weeks old 

This little black and white cutie was born first and has been one of the first to reach many of their milestones-opening his eyes, completing a barrier challenge, first tooth, wagging his tail, manding and is usually the first to come running when I call! He is very outgoing, people focused, and very eager to please. Kalei calls him a menace since he likes to chew on her toes but we are working on redirecting that lol
He is a sweet little doll who is fearless in most situations and he likes to snuggle into your neck when you hold him. He also has the cutest half mustache and stripes on his back. 🥰

5 weeks old 

Being the only girl in the litter as well as one of the smallest this sweetie has had to be tough, spunky and loud enough to get her voice heard. She can be independent but also wants to be near you. 
One on one she is very sweet, cuddly, gentle and kind. She has been a bit timid in a couple of the new situations we’ve exposed her to but she is a little smarty and quickly figures it out. 😊
She has gorgeous tri-coloring with a mix of sable, cinnamon, cream, black and white but with the Cotons fading gene this will not last. Check out Maui & Kateri’s puppy pictures on our website so you can have an idea of how she may look as an adult. 

5 weeks old 

Handsome El Camino is very well balanced, respectful, cuddly and loves to explore. He is very kind, gentle and easy going. El is also very smart, inquisitive and has beautiful black and white markings. He is even starting to develop some black spots or ticking in his hair which in some breeds is called black belton. If you look back at Quincy from Maui’s 2020 litter you can see how El may look as an adult. Q was the pup in the video showing off his playing dead trick. 🥰

5 weeks old 

Monte Carlo is the tallest of all the puppies and has beautiful black and white coloring with beautiful caramel cheeks. He is a real sweetheart who just wants to please. He’s very laid back and calm but also loves to play. He can be independent and isn’t afraid to do his own thing. When you hold him his tail is constantly wagging while he coats your face in kisses and he has the best puppy breath! 

5 weeks old 

Judge is very calm and easy going; he’s just a chill dude who’s favorite place is on his back in Zoe’s arms! He can be independent and loves going on adventures, his most recent being escaping the weaning pen and being found chowing down on his Mums food. 😂 He loves to play and hasn’t been fazed by any of the loud, music playing and noise making toys I’ve been exposing them to. He’s pretty quiet except when is rolly polly middle gets him stuck, then he’ll let you know there is a problem lol. 
Although he has beautiful coloring now it unfortunately won’t last. If you want to see how he may look as an adult check out Maple from Maui’s 2020 litter or Duncan from her 2021 litter. 

***More Updates to come***

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