On April 23, 2021, Maui gave birth to six absolutely stunning and healthy little pups. 
After a very restless and sleepless night 🥱 her first female was born at 8:27. A handsome little male followed at 8:54. Since the pattern had been set the remaining puppies followed suit with another female at 9:16, then a male at 9:54 and his best bud who didn’t want to be stuck inside without him a female at 10:00. Last but not least another sweet male at 10:33. 

My youngest daughter Kalei asked if she could pick the theme and name this litter of puppies. She has chosen a Brooklyn 99 theme! 
To the horror of my family, I’m sure every fan of the show and especially my dear sweet sister in law I admit that I haven’t actually seen a whole episode. 😝 Kalei has been very sweet to try and explain it all to me and they have all spent a lot of time discussing names and laughing hysterically about different characters and aliases. So I guess if you’re in the same boat as me we will have to sit down and watch and see what all of the fuss is about. It apparently has a dog in it so it can’t be all bad…right?!

~REX~Maui’s first little male was born at 8:54am. He weighed in at 213 grams and has a large white blaze, a black belt like splotch on his back, a long spot by his tail as well as one on his right back leg.
~CHEDDAR~Maui’s second sweet little female was born at 9:16am. She was the smallest of the bunch weighing in at 197 grams. She has patches on both her eyes and the cutest little spot on her nose. Cheddar also has three splotches on her back.
~DUNCAN~Maui’s second handsome male was born at 9:54am. He was the largest puppy and weighed in at 228 grams. He is pretty easy to spot with his beautiful caramel colouring; he also has three spots down his back.
~VIC~Maui’s third and final little girl was born at 10:00am. She weighed in at 220 grams and has a sweet white tear drop on her forehead surrounded by a mostly black head. She also has some large blotching down her left side with a mostly black tail.
~CARL~Maui’s third and final male was born at 10:33am. He weighed in at 223 grams and has the cutest little caramel coloured eyebrows and cheeks! Carl also has some splotches on his back and a large spot on his bum which goes down his left leg.
5 weeks old. 
This little girl is very sweet, cuddly and can melt your heart with one look into those gorgeous eyes! 🥰
5 weeks old. 
This handsome boy has been my cuddle buddy from the beginning and that hasn’t changed. He is also very people focused.
~CHEDDAR~ 5 weeks old. This sweetheart is a lovely mix of calm, spunky and playful. Oh, and that face- my word she is CUTE!!
5 weeks old. 
This hunky boy really stands out with his beautiful coloring. He is a very chill pup who loves to play, cuddle with my grand babies and is also very brave. 
5 weeks old.
This gorgeous girl is very loving, people focused and calm. She also LOVES to eat and has almost caught up to Carl & Duncan in the weight department…just more of her to love! 😂
5 weeks old.
This adventurous little man has the cutest eyebrows and cheeks 🥰 He is also very kind and calm.

~CLANCEY~ Although she is still a dainty little girl, she has gotten so much bigger than when she was born 🥰 

~Loki~ Oh this sweet little boy with his imperfect nose pigmentation which is so adorably perfect! 

~S’Mochi~ Such a spunky, sweet dainty little floof! 

~DUNCAN~ A gorgeous sweetheart with giant snowshoe feet lol

~TEDDY~ She has a sweet temperament, amazing color and perfect structure how could you not love this little doll?!

~CARL~ Last but definitely not least is this hunky boy. He’s gotten so fluffy the white stripe on his forehead is starting to look like a cute wave 🥰

Oh, how they have grown! 
Maui’s sweet Brooklyn 99 puppies had their final grooming and are off on great adventures with their Forever Families. 🥰
We tried something new this time and used a stuffed toy to help illustrate how quickly and how much they have grown. I think it really helped to have a visual reference throughout the 10weeks they were here. We then included these in each family’s puppy pack so they could continue the tradition if they wanted as the pups grow to their adult size.  Following are a few photos of these little dolls!

First Birthday Photos Coming April 2023!