Guess who’s out of the oven…Juniper’s gorgeous puppies have arrived! On Friday, October 23, 2020, she blessed us with five beautiful females and one handsome male puppy. 

In honor of my beautiful sister-in-law, we have decided on a Halloween theme for this litter with a focus on scary/spooky movies. The puppies in the picture are in birth order from left to right. 
#1 -female. She was born at 7:40pm and weighed 196 grams. We have named her ‘BLAIR’ for Linda Blair, the actress from the Exorcist movie.
#2 -male. Our only boy was born at 8:05pm and weighed 208 grams. We have called him ‘ASH’ after the character from one of Chris’ and my SIL’s favorite movies Evil Dead 2.
#3 -female. Our next female was born at 8:10pm and is the smallest of the group at 173 grams. We have named her ‘MAVIS’ after the character from Hotel Transylvania.
#4 -female. This little girl was born at 8:36pm and weighed 174 grams. We have named this sweetheart ’ANGEL’ after the character in Buffy the Vampire Hunter. 
#5 -female. Our first ever pure white puppy was born at 8:56pm and weighed 186 grams. She has been named after one of the characters from the awesome Michael J Fox movie Frighteners, Old Lady Bradley. We will be calling her ‘LADY’. 
#6 -female. After this white beauty was born Chris said, “It looks like she ran out of toner!” 😂 she was born at 9:20pm weighing in at 212 grams. We will be calling her ‘CASPER’ from the movie Casper the Friendly Ghost.

CAUTION! Adorable one week old puppies ahead!
Junipers sweet little Halloween Howlers are growing like weeds and and are doing great. We have started their ENS (early neurological stimulation), and they have had their first nail trimming. Juniper has been a very attentive and protective Mum 🥰
In birth order from left to right -Blair, Ash, Mavis, Angel, Lady & Casper. 

These cutie patooties are two weeks old!! They are all growing and steadily gaining weight. Their eyes aren’t open just yet, but it looks like it will happen any day now. Although they can’t see where they are going it hadn’t stopped them from getting up on those cute little legs and walking around! I’m kind of afraid they may be taking after their Momma and will be jumping onto the top of the furniture before they’re 8wks old 😳 it may be a very interesting Christmas here at WishView Cotons lol 

~Blair~5wks old. 
This little darling is the largest of the group at 1.22kg. She is very cuddly, independent and easy going. Her favorite things are cuddling, playing and eating…not necessarily in that order lol. 

~Ash~5wks old. 
This handsome boy weighs 1.17kg. He is very calm, quiet and independent. He loves to cuddle and sleep. Kalei decided the day he was born that he was her favorite since he was the only boy and has maintained that opinion even after he peed on her…a couple of times lol

~Mavis~5wks old. 
This little girl is very playful, sweet, cuddly & will let you know if something isn’t right in her world. Although she started out as one of the smallest she has caught up and even passed some of her sisters and now weighs 1.10kg. 

~Angel~5wks old. 
This little sweetheart is very people oriented, adventurous & playful. She looks like a perfect little miniaturized Coton and those eyes will just make you melt every time she mands and looks up at you. She now weighs 1.09kg. 

~Lady~5wks old. 
This gorgeous little girl loves to be the center of attention. She has found her voice and will let you know if things are not ok. Lady is also super cuddly and has the most beautiful champagne markings, including an adorable patch around one of her eyes. She is the tiniest right now at 1.06kg. 

~Casper~5wks old. 
This cutie is definitely living up to her name and is very friendly. She loves people and is usually the first to run over with her tail wagging. She is very playful and I’ve started calling her the energizer bunny because she never stops- the rest of the litter will be fast asleep but Casper will be wide awake chewing on a toy or trying to wake one of the other pups by chewing on them. Although she looks like the second biggest, it’s all fluff and she weighs 1.10kg.