Aussie is our very handsome Tall Malagasy Coton male. The biggest differences in breeding Coton de Tulear to the Malagasy standard rather than the European is the inclusion of more colour and height variations; Mr. Aussie falls under this as a very rare Tall Coton. Standard sized Cotons are less than 13 inches in height and less than 18lbs, and Talls range from 14-18 inches. Since my boys’ parents were both Talls he may finish anywhere from 18”-22”! He has been taller than all our other Cotons since he was around 13weeks old. Shorty seemed to stop growing up for a few weeks but he’s having another growth spurt so I’m excited to see in the coming months how tall he will get.

Aussie passed all his genetic and health testing, and we welcomed his and Junipers gorgeous litter of 7 puppies on October 10, 2023.