Kateri was an unexpected addition to our family. Her Mum and Dad are Maui and Hudson, and she is from our first ever litter. Although I had no intention of keeping any of those pups this little darling stole my heart. She is a little sweetheart who is always with me and if I happen to sneak out of a room without her, she will search the house until I am found lol.  She is a Wolf Sable Tri – Colour like her beautiful Momma, and now that she has passed all her health testing, I can’t wait to see what her puppies will be like. 

As you can see in the above pictures Kateri was born completely black and white but slowly developed her beautiful wolf sable markings. Now that she is almost two she has faded out a lot, which is to be expected with this breed, and looks so much like her Mom that they are often mistaken for each other.

Kateri at 11 weeks old
Maui at 11 weeks old.

Kateri’s 2023 Litter

Coming Soon.